Class has never been one of the things that Americans are especially known for world wide.  Whether it’s wearing shorts to St. Peter’s, grousing about the food in Asia, or refusing to learn even the simplest of phrases in another language, we do a good job as a culture of maintaining our reputation of being bufoons.

While the world may be a better place with Osama Bin Laden gone, I for one do not feel that we should ever be celebrating the death of an individual from violence.  The crowds standing around and cheering after hearing the news of his death late Sunday is another example of us being jackasses.

When the crowds in some parts of the Middle East and South Asia cheered the attacks of September 11th, 2001 we cried foul.  We called them bad people.  Even though they hated us, we chided them for not showing a bit of respect to the dead.

Where was our respect for the dead.

This is the nation that allowed the Ku Klux Klan to march through a neighborhood of mostly Jewish residents.  Not out of respect for their beliefs, but out of respect that one can believe whatever they want.

You have the right to cheer about Osama Bin Laden being killed.  I have the right to call you an ass for it.

And you are a classless  ass.


My wife has had a number of health issues that make her interesting to doctors.  So much so, that even a middle of the Saturday night visit to the emergency room means that the Chief of Surgery needs to stop by (even though he shouldn’t be working on the weekend).

We don’t live in the middle of nowhere.   I’m talking one of the best hospitals in Chicago.

While there many years ago, the Chief Surgeon stopped in to give us her outlook (good), and some instructions that she needed.  A list of foods and foodstuffs that she could not eat for the rest of her life.  Ever.

After spitting out the list, in the same original sentence that described the need for the diet, we asked the doctor a very simple question:

Us “Doctor, will we be provided with a list of items that she can’t eat anymore?”

Doctor “I just told you the list.” Doctor leaves the room, never to be seen again.

Problem one:  Every doctor is so fucking smart that they think they don’t need to study a case beforehand.

Problem two:  Every doctor assumes everyone around them is recording everything they say.

Problem three:  Problem number two is rarely true, negating the assumptions behind problem one.

People die because of this.

The end of this story to come later.  There’s no deaths, but plenty of douchebaggery.

We have it in case there is a strategic need for oil and gas.

Do you remember when there were some fruits and vegetables that you couldn’t get during the summer?  In the upper midwest, Strawberries (yes, Strawberries is spelled with a capital “s”) were available from early July through mid-September.  I remember many fourths of July where Strawberries were not available.  I can go to the store and buy them cheaply right now, along with avocados, grapes, corn, oranges, mangoes, tangerines, etc.

The availability of cheap fruit is not a strategic need.  $20 pairs of jeans and $9.99 t-shirts are not strategic need.  Sorry kids, the price of oil is up because supply is down and demand is up (this article is almost a year old).  It sucks, it means that it costs more to get to work which means that employers have to pay more which means that profits are decreased which means prices rise.  Yep, that’s what it means.

So stop whinning for the strategic reserve.  If I wanted someone with the intelligence of a dog to be in office, I would have voted for Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.



Thankfully my humans had the cheezburger masheen ( uggh, bad spelling) prepared for the nice weather today.  I had a glorious opportunity to yell at those damn squirrels.

On more human oriented topics, the great state of wisconsin passed a measure that removed bargaining rights for public employees.  What has amused me, for years, is how union employees have voted Republican since 2002.

Sorry Charlie, your anti-union vote actually turned out to be anti-union.  For all of the steel workers, auto workers, mechanics, etc in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia and Maryland, please remember in 2012 how much you got royally fucked by this last vote.  I know that the Republicans do a great job of pretending to be morally superior; they’re not.  Vote union, or be prepared to die poor.

No, those are your only options:  Democrat, or dead.

Pickles and lettuce it must’ve been nice…

Pet a kitty!



It’s difficult, but the only way out of this mess is through federal health care.

Health care costs continue to increase.  It’s cool to blame Obamacare for the additional costs, but the majority of the increase is from what it actually costs to keep us healthy.

Oh, did you just think out loud about the post office?  “Blah blah, the governement can’t deliver the mail effectively, how are they going to run health care?”

The federal government also runs the military.  They seem to be doing just fine.  Sources: World War I, World War II, Vietnem War (No, I mean it, Vietnam currently runs a capitalist economy(and they make your pepper!)), etc.

Also, it’s almost spring.  Please have grills ready at all times.

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Rahm, secret political groups, and Chicago clout.  I’m glad that the corruption is gone!

Hurray for no corruption! Meow!!1!1

They keep moving stuff around, though. I wonder why she moved my bed. Doesn’t matter, I’ll still sleep in it.