Hi there!

So they’re sitting there watching the vampire show again.  She doesn’t want to like it, but he definitely does.  I’ll admit, I don’t understand the current vampire phenomenon.  That simply be due to my inability to stay awake for longer than thirty minutes at a time, but I don’t think so.

My feeling is that humans want to have a life more “special” or “important” than others around them.  They think that an immortal (or exceptionally long) life and magical powers would provide that, and then they would be happy.  But happiness is easy to attain.  Just look out the window, see some birdies, and yell at them.  That’s something that makes me happy.  And treats; I like treats.  But these are topics for another day.

Back to vampires.  Life eternal, endless love, etc.  Mystical histories will not solve laziness.

Well, the show about the ocean and the jungle and the people with guns that say funny things is almost on.

Remember to pet a kitty if you get the chance.