I just woke up from a nap, so I decided to tell about my goings-on.

She was home yesterday (or was that two days ago?  I’m not sure, as I don’t do very well with time nor relativity), and he was home today.   At least when she’s home, she sits on the couch and I can nap comfortably.  However, he moves around a lot.  It’s a little disconcerting.

He did open the back door, so I decided to go an look for some birdies.  It’s been chilly for the last week or so, so there has been little activity among the birdies, and even less among the squirrels.  I hope they come out soon; I like to yell at them.

I tried yelling at him to give me some treats, but he didn’t listen.  I’ll try again a little later.  Hopefully I’ll have some more success then.  If that fails, I’ll yell at her for a while.  She’s easy to convince.

Well, with no birdies, squirrels, or treats, I’m bored.  Time for another nap.  I wish it wasn’t so bright in the middle of the day.