Thankfully my humans had the cheezburger masheen ( uggh, bad spelling) prepared for the nice weather today.  I had a glorious opportunity to yell at those damn squirrels.

On more human oriented topics, the great state of wisconsin passed a measure that removed bargaining rights for public employees.  What has amused me, for years, is how union employees have voted Republican since 2002.

Sorry Charlie, your anti-union vote actually turned out to be anti-union.  For all of the steel workers, auto workers, mechanics, etc in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia and Maryland, please remember in 2012 how much you got royally fucked by this last vote.  I know that the Republicans do a great job of pretending to be morally superior; they’re not.  Vote union, or be prepared to die poor.

No, those are your only options:  Democrat, or dead.

Pickles and lettuce it must’ve been nice…

Pet a kitty!