My wife has had a number of health issues that make her interesting to doctors.  So much so, that even a middle of the Saturday night visit to the emergency room means that the Chief of Surgery needs to stop by (even though he shouldn’t be working on the weekend).

We don’t live in the middle of nowhere.   I’m talking one of the best hospitals in Chicago.

While there many years ago, the Chief Surgeon stopped in to give us her outlook (good), and some instructions that she needed.  A list of foods and foodstuffs that she could not eat for the rest of her life.  Ever.

After spitting out the list, in the same original sentence that described the need for the diet, we asked the doctor a very simple question:

Us “Doctor, will we be provided with a list of items that she can’t eat anymore?”

Doctor “I just told you the list.” Doctor leaves the room, never to be seen again.

Problem one:  Every doctor is so fucking smart that they think they don’t need to study a case beforehand.

Problem two:  Every doctor assumes everyone around them is recording everything they say.

Problem three:  Problem number two is rarely true, negating the assumptions behind problem one.

People die because of this.

The end of this story to come later.  There’s no deaths, but plenty of douchebaggery.