Day to day

She’s been gone for weeks, and he’s only been home for an hour or so.  Ok, maybe she’s only been gone for a few days, and he’s been here for a most of today.  Whatever, I don’t understand time very well.  What do you want from me; I’m a cat.

We’re currently watching the season finale of survivor, a show that I do enjoy.  But I must admit I’m lonely.  He’s okay, and he does a decent job of giving me treats, but I can’t sit on top of him, I can’t sleep on him, and he sits on the wrong couch.  I can’t see out of the back door properly from where he is.

I guess I’ll make do.  I’ll poke him in the middle of the night just to ruin his sleep, and maybe he’ll make her come home tomorrow.  that would make me very happy.



I woke up today to find a brand new toy on the kitchen floor!

It was an opened box, sitting next to the loud thing that they put the plates and glasses in, laid out perfectly for me to sit on. I walked over, smelled it to make sure it was okay, then pleasantly took what I thought to by mt new throne.  Then he came in from outside, scared me, and I jumped off my new toy.  I was very afraid by the quickly opened door, you understand.

He then picked it up, and carried it away.  I tried to yell at him, to stop him, but it was to no avail.  He walked to the back of the house, right in front of the back door, and then foolishly dropped it to the floor.  Ha!  I’ve been sitting on the box all day.  Napping, yelling out the back window, playing with my feather.  It was fantastic.

No treats yet, but they’ll be home soon.